For a technician with years of practical experience, becoming a certified HP repair tech is more of a formality. It is just a piece of paper that stands as a testimonial to the skill of the technician. Using certified technicians like they do at, can have many benefits for the customers as well as for the business, proving that it is more than just a piece of paper.

1. Builds customer trustcustomer trust

The issue with potential customers is that they are not aware of how skilled their technician is. Even if the printer tech has been dealing with HP repairs for years and is familiar with all the models commonly used, the customer has no way of knowing who it is that they are doing business with. An HP repair certification helps create that trust relationship. It is a testimonial that the repair company has competent technicians to repair the equipment.

2. It brings in more business

Let us imagine for a second that you are the customer. Who would you be more inclined to trust? It is a random repair shop with no certifications or a repair shop that has trained techs with practical experience and a certificate issued by an independent third party to prove that they are skilled and proficient at handling HP repairs? Printer repair Burnaby, who has certified techs will always get more business.

3. Makes you eligible for corporate contracts

corporate contractsFor a repair shop, corporate contracts are the biggest moneymakers. The only prerequisite is certifications. Large companies that use HP printers need servicing services like any other customer. However, due to different policies and warranty restrictions, they are usually allowed to award service contracts to certified repair shops. In simple words, not having certified HP printer repair techs means missing out on big contracts.

4. It helps you beat the competition

Surely, nobody likes to see small repair shops close due to a lack of business. This usually happens when other repair shops appear in the area and have certified techs. In the end, the customers have the final say and they usually trust certified shops. Having HP certification means that you take away business from competitors, putting you one step ahead and ensuring a long-lasting, sustainable repair shop.

5. It enables you to more freely adjust your ratesadjust rates

Being a certified repair shop with trained technicians like Printer Repair Burnaby, means that you can charge a bit more. Basically, the cost of obtaining those certifications is absorbed by the consumers and you should not be worried about rising prices. As long as you adjust your repair rates responsibly, customers will not have much of an issue paying a bit more as long as they know their printers are serviced correctly and the repair techs are reliable.

There is not much more to be said about HP certifications. Sure, they require minimal investment but that additional spend is quickly zeroed out. Getting more business, corporate contracts, having customers do the marketing for you by word of mouth, out scales the cost of HP certifications. In simple words, they are good for business and good for the customer as well.